Blender Specific

3DS Max Specific

Blogs of Similar Interest

Game Art Design


  • Animation Curve Editor Maxscripts (link)

3D Modelling


  • Andy Kinsella’s Modelling tutorials (Silo specific, but should be adaptable to any software package) (link)
  • Mr. Blue Summers website. General 3DS max tutorials (link) (link)
  • Fern creation in Max/Photoshop (link)
  • Optimisation modelling tutorials (link) (link)
  • Ben Clark’s ‘Giant’ tutorial (link)


  • WeldTexVert 3DS Maxscript (link)
  • Retopology 3DS Maxscript (link)


  • Very basic normal map generation from a high-poly base tutorial for 3DS Max (link)
  • Blender uv window tools and projection painting (link) (link)
  • Realtime Stone with detail maps in Blender (link)
  • Ink-n-Paint Photoshop tutorial (link)
  • Edge Lighting on a texture tutorial (link)


Blender Game Engine

  • Python learning resources (link)

Free Tools

  • Blender (link)
  • xNormal (link)
  • Illusion Catalyst (link)
  • Lumonix (Shader FX and Puppetshop free for freelance use) (link)
  • Scirra– Open Source Direct X engine
  • MeshLab – Open Source Mesh Optimisation software

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