‘Yes, but how many polygons?’

These lists here and here provide a good idea of what polygon budgets to work with, from the current handhelds to current generation home console/ PC games. There are some interesting points in these threads, such as Master Chief from Halo actually received a reduction in polycount in Halo 2 because normal mapping took care of a lot of the detail that had to be modelled in Halo 1. Also nice to see are some Gamecube specs. Here are some interesting bits from the list.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Gamecube, 2002
Link – 2800 polygons

Super Mario Sunshine, Gamecube, 2002
Mario – 1500 polygons
Levels – ~ 60,000 polygons

Resident Evil 4, Gamecube, 2005
Leon – 10,000 polygons

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, PS3, 2007
Drake – ~30,000 polygons (3,000 for his hair alone)

Halflife 2, PC, 2004
Alyx Vance – 8323 polygons

And here is a Low Poly Hardware Spec thread (link)

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